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There are no known negative effects of the RGM method. However, there are many positive effects. The extent to which one experiences these positive effects differs from person to person and depends on various factors, such as age, motivation, health and how often one exercises. Improvements are noticeable in children, adults and the elderly, in the sick and healthy.


The possible effects of RGM:


  • improvement of concentration;

  • improve coordination;

  • improvement of motor skills;

  • an improved body balance;

  • improve dual-tasking ability

  • improve thinking speed and cognitive changes

  • improve speaking, reading and learning skills;

  • improve social skills;

  • increased self-confidence;

  • an improved mood, it makes people happy;

  • increased energy level

  • .

Below is a picture of a brain that hears no music and a brain that hears music. You can see that the brain is much more active when music is playing!

brain music.JPG
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