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The purpose of the association is to gather people who work according to the RGM method and to create a forum for the exchange of experience where the interests of the association are taken care of, and with the special objective of spreading knowledge about the method through lectures and courses. The association must also represent Sweden in international RGM contexts.

Do you want to become a member?

- In 2022, RGM leaders from no less than ten (!) countries gathered for a conference in Malexander. The goal was to create an international network and exchange of experience between the leaders, and to discuss RGM's opportunities and challenges going forward in our different countries. A very successful, inspiring and fun conference!

-On July 25, 2022, Ronnie Gardiner turned 90, which was celebrated with his own tribute evening at Nalen in Stockholm. Many from RGM were there to celebrate Ronnie, and to show and tell about the method and its spread around the world. 

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